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Top 5 Reasons to Change Filters for July Shutdowns & Scheduled Maintenance

May 20, 2019

maintenance-replacement-filtersFilter change-outs are relatively easy ways to drive down operational costs within a manufacturing facility. We outline a few helpful tips below to ensure your dust collection equipment runs smoothly.
  1. The Weather
    At times, dust collector can be located outside the building. Changing filters during sub-zero temperatures, inclement weather and other nature-related issues can prove to be difficult especially when production is in full swing.
  2. Downtime Prevention 
    A dirty-word in a manufacturing plant.  Depending on the process for which you're filtering dust, the manufacturing process may take a hiatus while filters are being changed. If filters are changed during planned shutdowns you can turn that planned downtime into future uptime.  Depending on the operation, downtime can costs tens of thousands of dollars in a single day.

  3. Under Pressure
    We're not quoting Freddie Mercury here, we're referring to your system pressure drop. Changing filters regularly keeps system pressure lower thus saving on energy costs related to air pressure.

  4. Clean = Good
    Clean filters tend to pulse less frequently inside of the equipment cabinet. Thus, your operation will likely use less compressed air which helps conserve energy and resources.

  5. Stay in Shape
    It's not just about filters, though. It's important to review other routine maintenance items like replacing diaphragms and solenoids to help keep your filter pulsing system in tip-top shape.

By following these simple tips, your plant manager will thank you for keeping your plant humming along with efficient manufacturing.